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The Lighthouse Mission

Clovis, NM

The Lighthouse Mission has been serving Christ an the community of Clovis for 30+ years. They focus on offering homeless sheltering, feeding the hungry, clothing the less fortunate and helping those addicted find freedom. They seek to provide whatever may be necessary in the way of physcial, financial, or spiritual aid, comfort and encouragement.  It is the Mission of the Lighthouse to meet the needs of the total man in body, soul and spirit.


Serving @ Lighthouse

Every 3rd thursday our church preprares and serves a meal at Lighthouse. We have the opportunitiy to join Lighthouse in meeting people where they are, loving and serving them as Jesus would. 

We invite everyone to serve with us.

For Info Contact Tye Curtis @ 575-693-5006



As we serve we seek to provide all the food, drinks, plastic utensils, paper plates, and napkins. We can serve almost 60-70 people up to two r three times. This is made possibel through generous gifts and donations from those in our church.


If you are interested in giving to this great cause we have a deignated fund. We pray that you would join our missional service @ Lighthouse!

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