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Here at Hamlin Memorial, our core values are the DNA of our local church. It is through these values that we seek to create an environment where our hearts and lives are open to God's transforming work in us!

Christ the Redeemer


We seek to follow the example of Jesus who made a way with his very life. Teaching us how to speak, think, and act with the ultimate purpose of fulfilling not ours but God's will. As Christians we are called to imitate Christ in all aspects of our lives


Rooted In Scripture

We believe the Bible contains all things necessary for salvation. Both the Old and New Testaments are necessary and beneficial to knowing and seeking God. If the aim of faith is to become like Christ, it is revealed to us in the Bible


Radical Generosity

We believe generosity is the outgrowth of our connection with God. In the same way God did not spare his own son, but gave him up for us all. (Romans 8:32) We seek to embody the same posture toward God and others by cheerful sacrifice and generosity. 

Young Volunteers

Everyone In Ministry

All our called through their baptism to be in ministry to others, using their gifts and graces which they have been equipped by the Holy Spirit. Every disciple is responsible for building and strengthening the body of Christ, the Church. 

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Social Holiness

God has called us as his people to live together in covenant. Christians are not to be isolated but have been designed to grow in discipleship in the company of others. Together we are committed to encouraging, sharing, supporting, and holding one another accountable as we seek to become holy and share the gospel with others.

Witness Boldly.jpg

Witness Boldly

As Methodists, we believe God has called us to spread scriptural holiness across the land. We seek to share the gospel in all of it's aspects to those in and around our lives. We do this by growing in our personal faith, discipling others, loving and serving God and others. 



We believe in worshipping in spirit and truth which is our duty and privilege as the people of God. Worship and celebration are essential to the life of the Church. We are adamant on setting our minds on the things above, giving thanks to God always, resulting in celebration. Worship and celebration keep us in touch with the truth of Jesus Christ who shapes our entire life. 

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